For all you faithful blog checkers...

So lately I have been a blogging failure.

I am aware of this fact. Its been almost a month. Its just that when you miss one week, the next week´s blog seems that much more overwhelming. Am I collecting legitimate sympathy yet? :)

Alright, but seriously, after some kind but gentle prodding from my amazingly supportive mother, I am back at it again. This is my apology blog. I am going to the zoo right now with 8 of the younger kids from Generacion, a home for street kids that we visit on Tuesdays. When I return, I will blog.

Like I said, this is an apology blog but also a committment blog. I will blog at least once every week from here on out. Hold me to it. It is important for me to take the time to put my thoughts and experiences into words and to share them with all of you whom I love and are praying for me. So there you have it. Thanks again for caring enough to keep checking and praying. Your community and support is essential to me. I mean it.

thus concluding my apology\committment blog.