A day at the Casa Job...

Hello friends...

Its been a little over a week since we have returned from our trip to Bolivia and what a week it has been. It was back to the Casa Job, tutoring, Generacion, the streets and the schedule of Lima life. Last Friday we had a vigilia (all night prayer vigil) for the ministry of Word Made Flesh plus Mia and Jennifer (my servant team leader) discovered, inquired about, signed a contract for, painted and moved into a new apartment all in the last 6 or so days. All that to say it has been a bit of a whirlwind-- but a fun whirlwind mind you:).

As I flipped back through my blog entries I realized that I have never really outlined a normal day at the Casa Job or really detailed the ins and outs of that ministry. Casa Job is a huge part of our time here. It was named for the Job of the Bible. The kids chose the name because they felt that they could relate to Job and the hardships he faced in his life. They know what it means to feel hopeless and abandoned but at the same time the Casa is a symbol of God`s care for them. We go there three times a week on M, W, F.

8:15 am We leave our house to catch a bus and arrive at the CJ around

8:30 am. When we arrive the kids are either gathered outside the door waiting to be let in or the boys lounging around in the front room of the CJ getting a few more moments of shut eye while the girls are in the patio tending to their children. We greet them all with a kiss and head upstairs to help get the CJ ready for another day. This usually involves taking the clean clothes and towels off of the drying lines and filling water in the clothes washing room.

9:00 am We meet as a staff to assign jobs and pray for the day. Someone will supervise each of the bathrooms and the laundry room, hand out toothbrushes, assign chores, take attendance and so on...

9:30 am The first 15 kids that arrive before now are allowed to enter for the day at this point the door is shut for the day. Everyone gathers on the patio to share prayer requests and say a prayer for the day. Often times if any kids were taken in to jail it comes out at this time and we spend time praying for them. At this point the kids can sign up to take showers or wash clothes during free time, they must also sign up for a chore to help cleaning up at the end of the day. Oh and we cannot forget the brushing of the teeth-- a sacred time of day as each of the youth search for the brush with their name on it and make sure that you give them an adequate amount of paste:).

This is where I stop knowing what time things happen. After we take care of all the above said family business we gather around two big tables to share a meal together. One of the youth leads us in a prayer thanking God for the food and asking him to watch over our friends on the streets, in the hospitals and in the jails and then the chowing begins. Each morning we get a bowl of quaker and two breakfast rolls filled with different delicacies from avocado, to ham, to egg, to blackberry jam. Nothing goes to waste as all the kids share and pass to each other\take willingly anything that others do not finish.

After breakfast we all gather back on the patio for a time of singing and a devotional led by one of the staff members. On Mondays we break into small groups to spend more time in prayer together. The time of singing is often my favorite time of the day as the kids play different instruments and sing words that they know by heart. When they are awake it is quite a sound that comes from that patio. I love sharing that time with them.

Following Bible time there are different activities and free time. On Mondays we got to the stadium to play soccer and volleyball while on Wednesdays & Fridays there are workshops and classes that the kids can attend. In their free time they can shower, wash clothes, play fuzbol, draw\color, play cards, read or just hang out. A lot of good conversation and healthy competition comes out during this time:). I love playing cards or just sititing with the kids inbetween their showers and such.

2:30 pm Everyone gathers back in the dining room for lunch. Did I mention that the food is absolutely incredible? Well, it is. Esther works wonders, especially with the small budget of the Casa Job. The kids rave about her cooking and they definitely missed her while she was gone with us in Bolivia.

3:00 pm After a great meal everyone scatters to begin their chores and get ready for the end of the day.

3:30 pm We say our goodbyes and the kids head back out to the street with their bags of food for later. The staff gathers to pray and then another day at the Casa Job has come to an end.

I love the atmosphere at the Casa Job. It feels very much like a family. Everyone contributes, the kids benefit from their time there but they also have responsibilities and consequences when the responsibilities are shirked as well as rewards when they are done especially well. More than that there is an atmosphere of love and care and respect. We have a good, we meet the Lord, we gather as a community and break bread together. I have made friends that will always be in my heart during my time spent at the Casa Job. So there you have it-- a day in the life of the Casa Job....

My time is up for now-- thanks for listening and caring and of course for praying. So much love to the home front! Until next time, peace out.