Goodbyes are hard and I'm finding I'm not so great with change...

The thing about it is that sometimes you wish things weren't so drawn out and other times you wish they weren't so sudden.

The world lost a beautiful person on Tuesday. As Esther said "Ireland will never be the same". And she's absolutely right. Tony Page was a man of greater honor and deep compassion. He made the best french toast even when it wasn't french toast day, he put up with destroyed "football" fields, broken glass and a messy group of American hooligans in the most gracious way possible. Deeper still, he was extremely sensitive to what was going on with the people around him. He let me stay in the kitchen when I couldn't make it through the day. He comforted me sincerely when I phoned him with despairing news. He shared his story with us. Maybe it sounds cliche, but he laughed AND cried with us. He gave to us so much and I think the lot of us would agree that he made our time in Ireland more beautiful because of who he was in our lives. Wish I could have been with him and Maureen one more time. Join me in praying for Maureen (Tony's wife), his children and his new born grandchildren. It takes a lot of courage and strength to push on through the pain.

Cheers to Tony and the life that he lived, may we all be bearers of grace the way that he was. All my love to the emerald isle.