What a summer!

Its been quite a summer. My body, mind & heart have been all over the place figuratively and literally. Lots of traveling to be with lots of beautiful people. Weddings took me to Kentucky, Illinois (twice), Indiana, and Michigan. My new "job" took me to Omaha and my amazingly hilarious, outspoken, & loving family (that's right, 54 Ghalis) took me to reunion in Florida. Maybe this is a good time to mention that it is NEVER a good idea to go to Florida in July or August, not even for a bunch of supposedly heat ready Egyptians.

All in all it has been a great summer. My heart is learning to accept change as a difficult, yes, but, more importantly, a beautiful part of life. Hand in hand with that comes the word patience ringing in my mind. Must be patient with myself, with co-workers, with the ones i love most and desperately wish to be closer to. Must be patient with my body, with my heart, with my mind-- they don't like to be rushed, they musn't be rushed. And of course it doesn't stop there and as I dig deeper I find myself praying for courage. Praying for the courage to be patient, the courage to be disciplined and to take the time to truly and fully seek. Courage and patience are connecting themselves so closely together in my life these days as I encounter the hearts of God's creatures. I want to take the time to understand, to understand what's really going on and in turn I need the courage to risk it, to put myself out there knowing the results may not be exactly what I had in mind. All may not go according to plan. And you know what-- I think that may be okay :).

The pictures are little tastes of the summer. Omaha with Chris and Jara, a great time of understanding the past and dreaming for the future. Family Reunion, big, better & louder 2K5. And the Wickstra wedding was the last of the weddings for this spring/summer season. until next time... peace.