From Brokeness to Community

Thank you for this weeked, for a chance to share and love and laugh and cry and be completely honest-- or at least more honest than I have been in a really long time. Thank you for Whit, Shmem, & Jo. Thank you for Brent, Regan & Mandy. Thank you for people living life well and for salsa dancing. Thank you for difficult discussions and screaming off mountain tops. Thank you for Evergreen & Garden of the Gods. For hippie stores, long skirts, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Thank you for water fall lunches and city view bonfires. Thank you for "Friends" and for relaxation. For homemade meals and the prayer of the sacred heart. Thank you for four mattresses in one room and four girls in one bathroom. Thank you for fixing us and the love that will not let us go. Thank you for great music, great car dancing, and people who care.

Thank you Jesus.