Supporter's Dinner

Well I must say I am blown away. Last night was such a blessing in so many ways. For those of you who weren't able to make it you were definitely missed. For those of you that were, thank you for your presence.

The food was excellent thanks to my mother and our good friend Tina. I tell you, they've been working hard since Friday. I kept thinking that if Techy (a peruvian friend who cooks amazing meals at the drop in center) could see us now she wouldn't be able to stop smiling and laughing at our attempts to create an autehntic Peruvian meal. We ended up with rice, smooth mashed potatoes, Peruvian Chicken, Carapulcra, lots of fresh fruit, our version of aji and of course Paneton. All topped off with ZUKO to drink: Chica Morada, Maracuya, Fresa (Strawberry), and Durazno (Peach). I was so proud of how adventurous everyone was! I think the meal definitely made people more excited about visiting Peru someday :).

As for my part, I set up stations around the house to let people know more about the different aspects of my past and future involvement with Word Made Flesh Peru. It was really good for me to set up and pray over the different aspects of my coming life. It is less than a month now before I leave. January 12th 7:15 am.

I got a chance to share more details and answer questions which I was excited to do. I was overwhelmed by the encouragement that I received. I am incredibly honored to be partnering with such amazing people that God's heart for his beloveds around the world would be more and more deeply understood and expressed through us.

So in summary, thanks for a wonderful evening, feel free to get in touch with me anytime! (