Ahhh, tiempo, no?!

The common greeting with my friends on the street has been as follows:

Me:  "Hola!"  (Hello, in that excited voice when you're seeing someone you're really excited to see)

Youth:  "Ahhh, Monica, tiemp, no?!"  ("Ahhh, Monica, been a while, eh?!"  very casually with a smile)

and then we hug and both smile and catch each other up as best we can.  sometimes just for a second other times we sit for a bit.  a lot has happened in a year but sometimes there just aren't words to say.

A little over a week in Lima and loving it.  It has been a week of observing and taking it all in.  Two nights on the streets, visits to the homes of friends who have returned to their families, and my first encounter with the younger generation of the streets.  My emotions are definitely mixed.  There is struggle in the adjustment in a world that I knew so well a year ago so much has changed.  Much of the change is for the better, nonetheless, it is change.  Yet so much joy in reconnecting with friends who are doing well.  Girls who used to be on the streets who are now part of the work to help others break the cycle of street life.  Amazing.

The way ministry is being done here is being restructured and refreshed all for the better which is an incredibly exciting thing to be a part of even if it does mean saying goodbye to some of the things that I was used to including the Casa Job which was a big part of my time here before.  I am excited to learn from the staff here and to be able to transition into this new way of life.  So many beautiful things are happening in Lima right now and I am honored to be able to join in any way.

Also found out that I like olives if they have cheese inside, and artichokes steamed and dipped in garlic butter.  Who knew?

love, love, love to the home front—your prayers and your encouragement are a blessing beyond blessings to me and to the one who hears all.  peace out for now...