Good Morning Lima!

Wow.  Here I am.  Sitting at Sarah's computer (which is in LIMA, PERU) that she is so graciously letting me use to let you all know that I made it safely from Des Moines, IA to Lima, Peru.  Whoa.  Repacking bags, going through customs in Lima AND Mexico City, eating my last Palmer's sandwich, and 15 hours later I arrived.  The whole of the American staff was there in bright colors to welcome me back and settle me into an adorable room at Sarah's place where I will be camping out for the next couple weeks at least. 

I don't really know what more to type at this point.  Our day starts soon.  We ate mangos for breakfast and sweet canela y clavo tea (no roaches, Jane!).  All the girls on staff are going out for lunch, I'll probably run to the Metro to pick up some deodrant (yep, I knew there was SOMETHING I was forgetting :) and then out to the streets tonite to see my dear, dear friends and meet others for the first time.

Saddle up your horses, we got a trail to blaze, this is a great adventure :).

love, love, nothin' but love.