I might have left a piece of my heart in Chicago and Happy New Year to all...

I got in the trusty Lumina (borrowed from my oh so gracious sister) to start the annual holiday trek to the Windy City and into the arms of my beloved Taylor friends and I had to laugh at how the cornfields and open rolling hills along I-80 brought me to tears.  Haven't cried about leaving since that Hallmark commercial last month.  I guess the time has come.  The proverbial "they" seems to think its not healthy to hold it all in anyway.  So I mourned the open spaces that I will soon be trading for the sad city and then prayed for my friends who have spent all their days on those streets.  I felt deeply thankful for this place, but also that I will soon be going to be with my friends in Lima. 

And you can laugh at me for loving Iowa but its home and "they" usually say thats where your heart ends up.

Its not so much Iowa itself as it is the memory and the familiarity of it all.  The feeling of space and beauty that is a secret kept between me and my favorite spot along the drive where the sun makes the hills sing just as it sinks behind them.  Its the fact that these are the roads to thrift stores with my sister, to the movies with my buddies, to a sandwich and conversation with the bf and back home again to sit at the fireside with my parents.  Its the fact that the people I love live just around these bends.

And then I arrived and heard the hearts and laughs of treasured friends.  We did nothing, and that was everything.  I was blessed by their presence.  So many surprises and so much love mixed in with some tears.  I couldn't feel more supported.  So I left a part of my heart with them to take care of for me while I'm gone. 

Let the count down begin:  8 days

And tomorrow I enter my early mid-twenties, look out world...

Happy New Year—may it be full with a beautiful balance of the familiar and the mysterious.

love, love, nothin' but love.