¿Carna-val? ¡More Like Carna-motoroil!

Carnaval Update:

1 major mojar
2 minor mojars (both came through the window of a bus)
2 near mojars (I was forced to run for my life)
2 averted mojars (I begged for mercy from a 12 year old boy & I saved myself and others on the bus from a major incident by slamming shut the windows and holding them shut the whole time we were stopped in the stop light-- one boy pointed at me and shook his head)


1 motor oil-ing-- that's right-- you heard me-- motor oil.  8 little boys smearing motor oil all over my face and neck and clothes (mom, go ahead and send me that pair of jeans I left behind :).  Don't worry I haven't broken out in hives yet.

Prayer Request:  For the lives of those little boys because if I ever see them again...

Ok... just kidding. Sort of.

Real Prayer Requests: 

1.  2 weeks down, 2 more weeks to go of language school.  Learning has been going great.  Please pray for wisdom as I decide whether I need to stay longer than the four weeks.

2.  Pray for my friend who is living in Arequipa with her family.  Its a struggle for her as she rebuilds her relationship with them as their adult daughter.

3.  My heart would be open to how God is using this time in Arequipa beyond language study.

4.  The staff back in Lima as they spend this month revisiting our vision and the goals of our field and ministry in Lima.  May the many meetings draw them all closer to the heart of God and effective ministry among the children we love.

Going to the beach with my family, then Craig and Jennifer are coming to visit!  What a weekend this will be :).

Love to you all!