First of all, for those who were worried (sorry mom), I made it home safe and sound yesterday after some wandering around and, of course, with the help of the watchiman.  Everyone at my peruvian home & school found this quite hilarious.  You´re probably all still in shock that I´m writing twice in one week but I thought I should resolve the issue of me being lost for those who might worry (i love you mom). 

Since I´m here I should tell you that classes today were GREAT.  My conversation teacher, Abbycita, is wonderful and so delightful.  I already love classes with her.  More from her later, she´s totally hilarious.  My grammar class was with Pedro, yes, the same who played the trick, he´s working me hard but its great.  A couple of the things he taught me today are going to make my Spanish life a million times easier as soon as I can change my bad habits:).  So that´s the schooling update.

"Fun" fact:  The month of Februrary is dubbed Carnaval in most parts of South America.  This is the month out of the year where young boys right up through old men fill water balloons, squirt guns and buckets and "mojar" (get wet) anyone they choose.  This is accepted by all of society.  Women and foreigners are targeted.  2 strikes against me.

Mojar count as of today:

1 major mojar (they were on both sides of the street, they saw us coming, what could we do?)
1 minor mojar (came through the window of a bus)
2 near mojars (I was forced to run for my life)
1 averted mojar (I begged for mercy from a 12 year old boy)

Funny fact:  My peruvian mom has taken to calling me "Moniquita" which, directly translated, means "itty bitty Monica".  ha.

I have to blow this popsicle stand right now but more come... oh, i bet you´re holding your breath:).

besos y abrazos!