A Great Weekend & the First Day of Classes

Well here we are in Arequipa!

The first few days were spent relaxing and getting to know the city a little bit.  We sat in the Plaza de Armas, visited a historic monastary built out of volcanic rock, and enjoyed some Turkish cuisine.  Saturday was a day for reconnecting with a dear friend I knew in Lima.  It was wonderful to spend the day with her and her son (wow, the difference between a 2 year old and a 3 year old is unbelieveable).  We met them for church and lunch on Sunday as well and then we had to say goodbye to Sarah as she headed back to Lima, I miss her already:)!

Last night I moved in with my peruvian family.  The have an adorable little house and they have given me a room on my own with a huge desk perfect for all that studying I am going to be doing this month.  Whew!  I am looking forward to getting to know them better.

Today a las 8:30 my studies began.  I took a little test (oh boy) and then Pedro, the director of the institute, and I tried to hash out what the month will look like according to the results of the afore mentioned exam.  It was all quite serious and academic until he played a trick on me by offering me a chocolate that burst a clear liquid everywhere when I took the first bite.  Yah, laugh it up Pedro.  I think we´ll be friends.  So, in summary, I survived my first day AND they didn´t even give me homework (how sweet).

Fun fact:  We are living under the shade of one of the top five most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Funny fact:  I have no idea where I am.  I got off the bus at a place that seems familiar, hopped in here to write you and now I am going to try and find my way back to the O´Brien´s.

Okay, here´s my address for the next month:

Julio O´Brien
ATTN: Monica Ghali
Urbanazacion Bancarios N-20
Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero
Arequipa, PERU

love to you all...