Without a Home

I got locked outside of my house the other night for a grand total of 30 minutes and it might have been my first glimpse (emphasis on glimpse) of true helplessness.

I came home to find everyone asleep and the house barred up for the night thus nullifying the usefulness of my key.  After I rang the doorbell 3 times (counting calmly to 30 inbetween each ring), I thought of calling the house and realized that I did not have one cent on my person.  I was stranded on the street with no where to go and no money.

Completely helpless.  Nothing to protect me.  No one to save me.  No options.  The faces of my friends in Lima entered my mind.  How cold and scary the nights become when you have no where to go.  How terrified they must feel in neighborhoods far more dangerous than this one.

I rang the bell three times in a row this time.

Tears started to fall as I thought of them out there (I'm sure a few fell for myself as well), maybe together, but often times so alone As I stood there I could feel the heaviness of vulnerability and I started, just barely started, to understand what they might feel like each night, and even day, with no one to turn to and no where to go.  No options.  Why it might be easier just to be hard.

5 times in a row now and a few pounds on the door.  I decide that maybe if I shout I can wake up the other student living in the house to come get me.  Someone finally comes.  Honest mistake.  They thought I was in, I wasn't.  Now I am safe again.  Warm in my bed.  But they're not.  Their cries for help are often silent and unheard.  Even in my vulnerability and moments of fear, I could see my bedroom window.  My bedroom.  Through it all I knew I had somewhere I could go, I was never in real danger.  I am humbled and reminded that I must constantly be going to the Lord for them.  He is the one who will hear them.  He will be the refuge.  He will call them His own and tell them He has a place for them.

Our Jesus has known poverty in the deepest sense and He will go to the dark places.  ¡Praise the Lord!

We must not forget to petition on behalf of the vulnerable children, the beloved and honored of God.  I can't say it enough, pray for them, pray for me, tell me how I can pray for you.

As a friend always says... you have my love.