Fresh Out of the Peruvian Blender

Join me in my morning joy...

Tomorrow morning, if you have a blender, put these things into it:

A mug 1/4 full of evaporated milk and 3/4 ish full of water
A little bit of sugar (to taste)
A touch of vanilla

Blend & enjoy the Peruvian delicacy also known as:

Plátano con Leche  (Banana with Milk)

I know its not very exact (ahem... yes, i am psycho about following the recipe in most cases), but such is the nature of life here and I'm learning to like it a lot.

Note:  Mangos or Strawberries can be substituted for bananas, in which case you wouldn't need the vanilla.

Note #2:  More regular milk and less water can be used instead of the evaporated milk/water combo so I'm told.