¡Goodbye Arequipa!

  Thank you for your prayers, I have survived language school :).  The time has come to say goodbye to sweet Arequipa, ABC Español Institute, and the beautiful community that has been such a joy these last 5 weeks.  I had my last class Friday morning and was sent off in style with empanadas, Fanta, Inka Cola and chocolate cake.  I also gave a moving speech in Spanish using only the subjunctive.  Okay, so that last part is an exaggeration.  It wasn't ALL in subjunctive, that would be silly.  Okay, okay, okay so it might not have been "moving"... or a "speech" per se...but I definitely did say a few SPANISH sentences all in a row :).

Things I will miss:

*Salsa/Merengue/Hip Hop/Aerobic dance classes.  I feel so healthy.  And totally hip.

*The garbage trucks.  They blast classical music as they cruise around ridding you of your waste.  Sigh.

*My profesors-- they have shared their spanish and their lives with me and I am better for it.

*My Peruvian family.  Lots of love, lots of laughs, and fresh fruit juice every morning :).

*The community of friends-- it has been a blessing to live and laugh and struggle through the language learning process with them.  Good thing everyone has to pass through Lima to get out of Peru!

Things I am so excited for:

*Bus ride through the Andes tomorrow afternoon.  I secured my self a second floor seat at the very front.  Talk about a panoramic view!  So what if it is 15 hours...

*Being back among my beloved community in Lima!

*Moving in with Word Made Flesh volunteers & friends, Sara & Eduardo, who have graciously offered to host me for a couple months while I find a place of my own.

*Seeing my friends from the streets and settling into life with them.

Please pray:

*The servant team applications for this fall were posted today so now we begin the process of praying and preparing for their arrival in August.  Please pray for wisdom as we look through the applications and start forming the teams.

*Safe travels via bus

Lots of thoughts as of late... would love to share more in the near future.

Also, had the profound privilege of writing for the Spring Issue of the Cry (Word Made Flesh's advocacy journal) on


.  If you want a sneak peek check out: 

The Cry Spring 2006

love, love, nothin' but love!