The Joys of Life in Lima

There have been a lot of incredibly tough moments since being back in Lima and in coming days I would like to share a little bit about that but for now please join me in praising our Lord for the beautiful moments, for:

A day outside the city where tough, drug addicted young men, are allowed to become carefree boys playing soccer, splashing in a swimming pool, taking undisturbed naps and enjoying a meal they didn't have to steal for. 

A night where 4 former street kids come to share their struggle with us (the staff), share lunch, and spend time praying together to the God who has saved us both.  To be able to hear them give testimony to God in the midst of their continuing struggle humbles and strengthens my heart.

Seeing Juan and Angelou for the first time since returning to Peru.

Shopping with my peruvian brother for groceries and then cooking with my peruvian family.  In short, sharing life with them.

Cuddling with my three year old buddy (son of one of the former street girls) while watching his favorite movie about caballos & "woof woofs"  (horses & dogs).

The leader of our staff community humbling himself before his community and washing our feet as a symbol of his committment to Jesus and to us.

Celebrating birthdays!

The Good Samaritan told Lima street style via a skit and the attentive wide eyed looks of little street boys as they watched and wondered if a River kid would REALLY stop to help a Park kid or not.

A very good "oferta" (deal) on a dish dryer, colander, mini-pitcher & glasses for that apartment I will have in coming days :).

Spending time with the Discovery Team from Michigan and watching them discover Lima for the first time.

Understanding most of the sermon on Sunday!  (thank you language school)

La Día de Celebración (Celebration Day) coming up this Saturday.  A day we will spend with kids who have been off the streets for 2 months or more.  A time to celebrate them and the work of the Lord in their lives.  A time to encourage and spur on those who are working so hard to break the cycles of poverty & oppression in their lives.

The gathering of representatives from all the Word Made Flesh communities in Sri Lanka.  What a time of coming together, unifying vision, sharing hearts and encouraging one another. 

Praise to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.

love to you all.