Te invito

I marvel at today.

Today the tables were turned.  The sound of Invítame, pues "Invite me to eat" fell away and from the same lips came, Guárdalo gringa, te invito "Put away your money, I invite you".

I squirmed at first, I have so much, and even though these two friends are no longer on the streets I know they struggle to make ends meet for their families.  But when I looked up the only thing I could do was accept.  And then I couldn't stop smiling at the gift they had given me.  A meal, yah, but a meal with them, from them as a friend.  Its hard to find the words.  I felt so blessed.  So we sat and ate with some younger boys and my smile just got bigger as I watched them interact with the younger boys almost like Ma & Pa.  Encouraging them, keeping them in line, empathizing with them, guiding them.  God has done a mighty work in both of their lives and now they are serving him.  And the boys, they listen, because they know that they people who are talking have been in their shoes.

Beautiful.  Honored to be a witness.