Que Vida la Mia

Well, I must say,  I will be excited to hear Reik blasting from the ever present radio every third song.  I mean, I missed it so much I downloaded it from iTunes just to to have a listen or 30  over the past week.  Oh, sweet Lima, 6.5 hours until we are united once more.  Thanks to all who are praying, travels have been blissfully uneventful so far. 

Can't believe I have an apartment on the other side of this plane ride.  If you haven't heard that story, I'll tell you some time, it oozes of God's faithfulness and a rhythm that does and doesn't make sense all in the same moment.

Des Moines, Chicago, family, friends, finales, bonfires, bocce ball, sheesha, motorcycle rides, turnberry sandwiches, coffee dates, iowa sunsets, corn on the cob, sibling cuddling, driving, the easiest of conversations—its been real.  I will miss you much.

Lima, la comunidad amada—let's hit it.

love to the people.