World Refugee Day

Today, June 20th, all around the world, there are people being forced to flee their homes.  They are forced to run in fear with no place to rest or find refuge.  Everyday we should remember them, everyday they should be in our hearts.  So let's use today as the starting place.  Let's join with the world and amplify the voices that are being muffled today.

Latest Statistics: 20.8 million refugees

Latest statistics indicate that of the 20.8 million people of concern:

*8.4 million are refugees who have fled their countries due to civil wars and ethnic, tribal and religious violence and who cannot return home

*6.6 million are internally displaced persons - people forced to flee their homes, but who have not crossed a border

*2.4 million are stateless people

*1.6 million are returnees

*773,000 are asylum seekers

*960,000 are others of concern

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World Refugee Day