An Answer to Our Prayers

I asked you to pray.  And you have.  And we did, all together as a group those two nights at my house.

I know I wrote those requests but even as I wrote them they could still feel so far away...

Lord, dispell the lies that are told to these youth daily.

Lord, protect the little ones, they have yet to know addiction, they are so talented.

Jesus, if you could please just make it a little easier on *fill in the blank* she's trying so hard.

But in reality, will it ever be?  Will it ever change?  Will the lies stop coming?  Will that chance ever come?  Will we recognize it when it does?

Well, thank you for praying even in the face of the questions because Jerson & Junior start music school on July 8th.  With smiles on their faces they announced to the group yesterday that Inparres (another organization we work with regularly) was able to help them register after they officially got accepted to study music at a school downtown.  This announcement was met with cheers and clapping from the staff and all the other younger boys we were meeting with at the time.  Murmurs of "those are our boys" & "la gente de Grau, nuestra gente (the people of Grau, our people)" could be heard as the boys picked up their instruments and we began to worship together. 

Its a chance for them.  Its a restoration of dignity.  Its away from the streets.  It might seem small but its huge to them.  And its huge to me.  And its huge to the God who hears our every heart cry.

Thanks for praying :).  Don't stop now...