El Mundial

So the World Cup is kindof a big deal in South America.

Our church has a family like atmosphere, we get there around 11:00 am, we sing lots of songs (as many as we feel like), we take time on announcements, we sing "happy birthday" when appropriate, the sermon is conversational and usually as long as necessary and afterwards everyone stays and chats and greets and spends time just being.  All in all we're around till 1:00ish.  That's the way it usually is.

Not this Sunday.  I have never seen La Vina empty so fast in all my months.  Cesar, our pastor, requested only 4 songs, no announcements and his sermon was the shortest I've ever heard.  Everyone cleared out in quickest way possible without being rude.  12:15 and the place was almost empty.  It was the finals of the World Cup, you know.

And so the whole country stopped to watch.  It was intense.  It was glorious.  They played hard.  Pirlo is the man.  But so is Henry.  And finally the team I was cheering for took home the win.

And did Zidane REALLY head-butt Materazzi in the chest?  Really??  Head-butt???

We joked that it might of been because of a "your mama" joke but it turns out today that might have actually been the case.  Wow.

Head-butt or not,  hats off to Zidane for a career well played, Buffon for a an amazing second half in the goal and to the Italian team for a flawless five penalty kicks and the heart to take it home in the end.

Heres to Peru in the World Cup 2010!

Everyones got dreams :)...