"The Return of the Blogger" or "The Year of MNG & the Rockers"

How many times have I sung this song?  The one that goes kind of like this:

I haven't written in awhile.  Sorry.  Things got kindof crazy around here.  Or maybe sometimes its easier not to try and articulate thoughts that I can't even get a grasp on myself...

Lyrics vary.

It has been an interesting couple of months.  The return to Lima after time spent in Iowa/Illinois has had its extreme highs and lows.


The Visits-- first Jara & Emily (of WMF Omaha), then my dear roommate from Taylor (E. Kage in the flesh).  Both were refreshing, engaging, challenging, relaxing, hilarious and downright fantastic.  Photos don't lie folks, they just don't.

Being with the Community.  Which also expressed itself as going camping in celebration of Peru's Independence day.  What a fantastic time.  Beautiful area, sunshine, good food, and unbeatable company.  Maybe one day I'll just post a blog of camping pictures!  For now here are two...

Chillin' with the younger boys-- Friday mornings, the day we spend with them (singing, acting out bible stories, playing soccer, coloring, getting thrashed in checkers), is quickly becoming my favorite time of the week.

Field Trip with aforementioned group of boys-- this was our first adventure outside the city with this group and it was a blast.

Celebration Day with the youth that have returned to their homes-- we shared testimonies of God's faithfulnes, celebrated birthdays, and laughed till our sides hurt (see video :).

$18,000 has already come into our Ministry Center fund-- wahoo!  We haven't even sent out the video yet... (see link 'Peru Ministry Center Project' for more info)

Fantasy Football has officially begun and I can feel it in my bones-- team MNG & the Rockers is going to tear it up this year!

Servant Team arrives on Friday!!!


There is a certain heaviness that comes with daily facing into the realities of street life with its police raids, hospitals who won't treat the poor, teenage girls about to give birth to a new generation of street children, older boys with no options, people we love suffering- passing away- fighting disease.  I confess I don't always know how to deal.

Honestly I have been in a bit of an unexplainable "funk" and let's just say that I don't naturally love the unexplainable.  Logic. Reason. Something graspable.  Cause & effect.  That's my style.  Unexplainable funk can be a rather isolating & uncomfortable place to be but somehow I know the Lord is comfortable with it and (the nerve:) would like me to be as well -- Drop that need to explain it and pick up that ruthless trust -- Be okay with being uncomfortable, if that makes any sense.

The happy ending to that story would be "and now I trust and I've learned so much and it was hard but now its great."  Truth is I'm still struggling through it.  I get mad, I feel joy, I get sad, I have bouts of hyperness, There are moments I just want to sleep it away and others that I can't help from dancing like a madwoman around the apartment.

Why haven't I shared this earlier?  Maybe I was afraid to tell you that sometimes its really hard.  Maybe I too worried about what you would think.  Maybe its easier just to try not to think about it.  But in the end we were created for community, and you're my community no matter how distant.  So there it is.

Oh, and the Servant Team arrives on Friday-- still a lot to do to get ready for them!

Mom says many of you are praying knowing that Friday is the day the Servant Team (which I am responsible for) is arriving.  My heart is encouraged by that. 

So, in closing:  Sorry for my silence, thank you for your patience and thanks for walking it with me whether high or low.

love to the people.