We went camping!

Good times had by all.  A travel journal was started.  Campfires were had.  Food was cooked.  Wood was chopped.  Stars were seen.  Refelections took place.  Rivers were conquered.  Stumps were burned. 

The Little Prince

was finished.  Friendships were deepened.  Pictures were taken.

Here's the proof:

That's the crew

We're fun...

Craig & his stump

Isn't it gorgeous?  And its only 1.5 hours from where we live in the big gray city.  Katie & Kristy are in the little hut on the hills.  Look really close and you'll see they're smiling for the picture.

Okay, so I look upset but I'm not, I'm just showing you two things:  a.  this is the face I had to make for my Peruvian resident card which I had a hard time pulling off (think little kid who can't stop giggling in the doctor's office) and 2. look what the river did to my hair!  that's how it dried without gel or anything.  for those of you who know my insane hair, that's pretty amazing.  I basked in the softness of it for the rest of the trip :).