Days are funny things

So many things can happen in the course of any one day.

Back when Isabel was still a four kid* (she's a six kid now) her bedtime ritual always included asking everyone present "what was the best part of your day?" followed by, "what was the part that you didn't like?"  It was always fun to see what she would answer and good for us to think about, but its been awhile.

So in honor of "four kids", the team & I asked each other those questions on Monday. 

And when you really start to think about it you realize how much there is to sort through in any given day to be able answer those questions.  And sometimes I'm surprised that 'the best' & 'the part I didn't like' get all tangled up in each other.  I think we all found that.

Going to that place was terrible, sad, depressing but the conversation I had with that person made the place fade away for just a second.  And that conversation was important, joyful, humbling, beautiful.

I never thought I could be this sad, lonely, foggy, but God put it on her heart to call, to pray, to speak wisdom and that reminds me of the deepest truths.

Redemption in the works.  All tangled up.

But if we never asked the questions then we might miss it and the days might just pass and we might just think of that day as "bad" or "good" when really there is so much more all packed in there and so many other adjectives that want to be used :).

Remind me of that, okay?

love to the people *beso*

*a four kid = a kid who is four years old