Hasn't happened in awhile. Got too comfortable, that's what happened. Lost the whole stinkin' post. All I wanted to say is that we played the Amazing Race: Lima Edition and my team came home with the win. It was spectacular. And, even better than that is how sweet & fantastic & thought provoking the team is. And I had some pictures. Okay, so I wanted to say a lot more than that but instead I´ll say this:

I still think Macs are beautiful, sleek, fun, creative, state of the art machines but I'm going to go ahead and strongly advise that no one purchases a MacBook until they get the kinks worked out because you don't want to find yourself waiting around for three weeks while they replace your logic board, etc. and well, if you surf the web you'll find that my baby is not the only one undergoing this extensive (and I hear slightly painful) operation. In summary please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks seeing as how computer access will be/has been extremely limited.

And I'm sorry the post got lost.

And I miss you.

love to the people, mng