Another Night On the Streets

Just got back from the streets.

Felt the need to process it with you.

J is discouraged.  M is dirtier than ever (usually=lots of cocaine).  F is jealous that one of the other boys is living with some WMF staff and that he's not, he feels like he doesn't have any way out.  L wants to serve God but finds so many obstacles in his path.

All are fighting for survival.  All are asking to be loved.

And me, I feel so helpless.  I feel like sometimes what I can do or what I'm called to do just isn't enough.

But I'll never be enough.  So I'll go to sleep now and wake up tomorrow and try to do it all a little bit better than the day before.

And I'll pray & you'll pray, and we'll do this thing together.

And yes, we are having a 12 hour superhero movie marathon tomorrow.  So come on over, noon to midnight, Craig's place, some of the coolest guys in town will be there.

love to the people, mng