Silliest Post Ever

Two things:

1.  Football (as in the USA kind) doesn't come on TV here very often, its almost always  Futbol (the rest of the world kind), either that, or poker.  So the big news is: the BEARS are on TV tonite!  YES.  p.s. they are soooo going to the Super Bowl this year (Rex, don't you DARE get hurt).

2.  If you are a Taylor Alum please laugh with me at this email my sister so kindly forwarded along to me:

Just thought you should know whats become of Taylor in the years following your departure. This is not a joke.

It is hilarious. However, I am very upset. I just keeping saying they've stolen the joy of Airband from me.

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From: Taylor Announcement [mailto:]
Sent: Thu 10/12/2006 3:59 PM

We oversold Airband! To accommodate the extra tickets which were sold, we will be performing twice tonight: once at 8:00 PM and once at 10:00 PM. The first show will be open to students, faculty, staff, parents and other members of the community. The second show will be a "student's only" show (all students who see the first show are invited back for the second show as well!). ADDITIONAL TICKETS FOR THE 10:00PM SHOW WILL BE ON SALE AT THE DOOR.  Thank you all for your flexibility!

8:00 PM  - Community Show (students, parents, faculty, staff, etc.)
10:00 PM - "Student's Only" Show (students only)

Adam Pechtel