A Quick One...

Just wanted to touch base real quick and ask for your continued prayers:

Its been an emotionally charged week as we have spent time remembering and celebrating Craig's four years of service to the youth here in Lima, trying the best we can to help the youth say "goodbye" well and then to do the same ourselves.  We sent him off last night and in about 5 hours he will be with his love getting ready to be married and start a new part of his life.  We will miss him, but it is with such joy that we look towards the future with him as well.

Pray for the community as it adjusts to the transition.  We're a body over here and when we send off a member it takes a little time to recapture the rhythm.

Pray for C-bass, Klaust, & Manuel, the guys that he has been living with and caring for in these last years.  That they would press into each other and encourage each other during the time of change.

For all the youth that said goodbye to a beloved friend. 

Also, this afternoon I will be traveling with the Servant Team to Bolivia for a retreat with the Bolivian Servant Team.  Puno, Copa, and then all the way to El Alto.  We're all really excited (but exhausted toooo!).  Pray for our travels and that it would be a refreshing time of reflection & relaxation & connection for us (STCs) and the teams.

thanks for your prayers,

beso,  mng