Las Fotos

Okay friends, I put the pictures from the family fun into a couple albums through picasa so if you feel so inclined you can take a browse on through them.

1.  Pics from family time in Lima through Christmas-- includes pics of my neighborhood and a couple from our office/nursery

2.  Pics from our family trip to Pisco-- where you can find PENGUINS.  I guess I am really amazed by this and I talked about it so much that for my birthday my friends made me a birthday crown with a penguin on it and then gifted me black & white (penguin colored) earrings, "March of the Penguins", "Happy Feet", and a penguin finger puppet.

3.  Pics from New Years, the Beach, the Birthday and up until my parents departure on the 8th.

okay, good times :).

Christmas with the Family in Lima


New Years, Beach, Birthday & Beyond