the Lima Super Bowl Highlights

Most Exciting Moment: Breathlessly arriving at this crazy little sports bar only to be told it was completely full and sorry we could not come in but it happened to be right as Hester returned for the touchdown. The man at the door was nice enough to hold the door open so we could see the replay. We had the appropriate celebration right there on the street and then frantically hailed a cab to get somewhere where we could watch the game.

Most Depressing Moment:  Fumble on the snap? Numbers 1 & 2. Or maybe it was the two interceptions in a row? Or maybe just the second half in general?

Half-time question:  Who's jersey would you choose to wear for an extended amount of time?

Linsey (Colts)—33 Rhodes (Cuz look at him, he's running all over the place)

Adriana (Colts)—63 Saturday (Because thats cool, his name is Saturday)

David (Bears)—8 Grossman (Because he's a Florida boy, and he DID lead the Bears to the Superbowl for the 1st time since 1985)

Me (Bears)—80 Berrian (Because he's just stinkin' amazing-- and remember how he flip caught for a touchdown last week?)

C-bass (cheering for the Bears) & Sarah (cheering for both teams) remained undecided.

Post game feelings:  Well done Colts, well done Dungy.  iheartlovie. The BEARS were in the SUPERBOWL. That was just practice. We got 2007 all wrapped up.

Post game photos:  Can you tell who was cheering for who?