The End of an Era (for now at least)

Well, after years and years of adding things to our list of programs and hardly ever taking anything away we've come to the decision that it would be best for all involved to go to the streets as a whole group once a week instead of two littler groups twice a week. I see the benefits of this and I see the difficulties it causes, I rejoice in how far we've come and yet I feel deeply nostalgic and sad to be preparing for my last Tuesday night on the street (for now at least... who knows what the future holds... I'm learning that I sure don't).

Just wanted to let you know. If you read this tonight pray with us, change is always hard, even if its for the better. Pray against confusion and rifts. That above all understanding, grace, and love would reign and that our relationships with our friends would only strengthen.

And, of course, pray for us all, broken, wandering, souls searching for that next step, then taking it, then hoping we won't fall too hard.

Love & peace be with you.