Sweet Homecoming & The Days Ahead

my view from my roof at sunset/me playing with the setting on my camera.



1. Apparently I missed a lot of those classic books you're supposed to read in highschool. I'm not sure when. Anyways, I finally finished 'The Great Gatsby'.  Stellar.  what else did I miss out on? Please feel free to let me know and I will begin reading accordingly. Also, if you love to read and exchange book knowledge check out goodreads.com and let the fun begin.

2.  24 days until i'm home home on the range. for the first time in a year.  So exciting.  here's the schedule:

June 22-30:  Montreal & Ottawa visiting fam with the fam

June 30- July 13:  Des Moines!  Yippeeeeeee! 

July 13-23:  WMF Staff Retreat

July 23-25:  Des Moines (take 2)

July 25-29:  Denver & Ft. Collins to witness the Shan tie the knot

July 29-Aug 1:  Des Moines (the final take)

Aug 1:  Back to Lima

I will let you know about a couple official get togethers at my parents' house but other than that let me know if you'll be around because I would love to chat/drink caribou/eat good food/laugh like crazy/share life stories/re-discover all the loveliness that is iowa with you :).

3. Our community has the opportunity to share with pastors from all over S. America at a conference in two weeks. Please pray for us as we prepare. Everyone will be speaking at least once which is a little scary for some of us but exciting at the same time.

4. Since half the staff has to be stateside for the retreat please keep the other half of the staff in your prayers as they are only 3 people and will be carrying the field for a while.  they're amazing, they'll do a stellar job, its their sanity we're hoping will stay in tact :).

5. Spent the day on Sunday at a friend's house who used to live on the street. We made popcorn and watched Happy Feet with her and her two precious kids. Now that is good for the soul. And the movie is stinkin' adorable too. Try it some time, you won't regret it.

End ramble.

Miss/love/can't wait to see you.