This is the fourth Sunday in a row...

... that I've gone to get the Sunday morning paper and the sweet little lady at the newsstand greets me with "Hola! Como estas mi reina!"

For those non-Spanish speakers that translate to "Hello! How are you my queen?!"

So four times in a row, that makes it true right? Maybe I will get that castle with the tower room I always dreamed about...

But anyways, three things, real quick:

1.  Congratulations to my amazing sister who graduated yesterday with TWO majors.  The girl is one smart cookie (definitely smarter than that palakurthy kid) with this super huge heart.  And she's just all around amazing.  She made a beautiful impact at Taylor and she'll go on to make a beautiful impact wherever the road takes her.  Now let's all pressure her to start writing on her blog again, who's with me?...  love you, Marcia!

2.  Thank you for your prayers and your inquiries about Chris.  Grief is a long process, as many of us know, and leaving behind street life not a short road either.  Chris is back and forth.  He'll be in the home one day and back out another.  He'll ask me to go with him to visit the cemetery and then he'll disappear for a few days without a word.  And I think its really normal.  But the thing about Chris is that his heart is beautiful.  His desire to learn isn't waning.  He's a precious child of God no matter what.  So, if you will, keep praying for Chris.  It will be a long road.  But we can be confident that God started something there and he is faithful.  Let's keep holding Him to it :).

3.  The search for a new ministry center is still on full force so if you could be praying for us about that too we would really appreciate it.  Pray for wisdom, patience, unity, favor in the eyes of the landlords & the state institutions that will need to give us liscenses and permits.  We're all so excited but we also want to do this well and continue to be attentive to the Holy Spirit's leading.

with love & hope.