Contemplation & Transformation

This is the theme of our WMF staff retreat which is going down in Nebraska City as we speak. The first three days have been full with new faces, fun conversations, celebratory toasting, hot tub soaking, ultimate frisbee craziness (in 100 degree heat), futbol match watching, excellent eating (I've had bacon at every meal so far), challenging expositions & discussions, and rich worship.

After last night's session Aaron continued to play his guitar as we reflected on the evening and we let these words wash over us.

Arise O Lord
Lift up your eyes
Don't forget I'm helpless

Oh you lead me to waters and pastures so green
Oh you pour out your oil and choose goodness and mercy for me

No, I will not be in want

You're with me
I will not fear
You comfort me
I will not fear

What a good word.

Thank you to all who i have seen and talked with along this N. American journey. You have made the path easier to walk as you have walked alongside me. More to come on those adventures.

Pray for us, we'll pray for you. Love to the people.