Hey everyone, thanks for your prayers for Peru. Keep it up. Hard times are ahead.

The news is reporting 500 casualties overall but our friend, a volunteer firefighter, was down in Ica helping with the rescue effort and said there were already over 700 bodies in the town square of that city alone.  some of the more remote towns still haven't even been contacted. It is the dead of winter, people are without food, water & shelter and as they get desperate the looting and the rioting increases.

The good news is, Peruvians are coming out to help their fellow countrymen. We tried to donate blood yesterday and were put on a waiting list.  all the blood banks in all the hospitals are full! Also, there was a healthcare strike going on that they canceled to help with the earthquake victims and all over the city we are seeing collection palettes outside of major stores and plazas where people can donate supplies. 

Still there is dire need.

If you want to help out I recommend going through World Vision. This link allows you to donate to the cause in Peru.

It is difficult to continue on with daily life knowing all that is happening just two hours south of us and feeling helpless to do anything. We are still exploring the possibilities with some of the local churches but right now we just continue to pray.  and then every now and then we feel another aftershock and my heart hurts so much for those people whose lives were destroyed in the span of two minutes. It will be a long road ahead, and we must try very hard not to let their suffering slip out of our minds.   

I also mentioned that the Servant Team was coming, and after 4 delayed/canceled flights and severe weather in Houston, they are finally here. Thanks for your prayers for them as well.

Again, thanks for checking in. Keep on keepin' on. Love to you all.