Sunshine + The Earthquake = Interesting Day Down South

Hey! The sun came out today! We haven't seen her beautiful shining face in Lima for months so that was a sweet surprise.

Menores was pretty great this morning.  L and I prayed together to start out the morning. He began by saying he didn't know how to pray and when I explained that it can be as simple as just talking to God about whats going on he agreed to give it a shot. Heartfelt, honest, simple, refreshing are the words I would use to describe it.

If any of you have read about the earthquake that hit Peru this evening this is me checking in to say i'm safe as is the rest of my team. David and I were at the coast when it hit, it was a very surreal experience and a lot of people were quite scared. Some buildings have come down in the center of town where many of our youth spend their days & nights so we're hoping to go check on them some time tomorrow. Whoa. I just felt an aftershock right as I was typing. Whoa. Anyhow, the quake lasted about 2 mins and was a 7.9 on the richter scale.  the center was 90 miles SE of Lima in the water.  pretty wild stuff.

Please be praying for our friends. Many of them live in the parts of town where structures can be unstable and unreliable. Also for the people living in Ica & Chincha where the quake hit the hardest.

Also, my servant team arrives tomorrow. How crazy is that?

peace & love. grace & truth.  always. mng