Downright Ironic

I'm just trying to help you out here by demonstrating an oft discussed english language concept.


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Hooray! Its fall!

Glorious fall, still sunny & warm but with a decidedly cool breeze and a definite need for the long-sleeved waffle hoodie in the evenings. And the skies are still clear and blue. Its the calm before the perpetual fog but I love it all the same and instead of being a sign of impending doom (drama!) like usual, its actually been a very peaceful, calming and lovely autumn for me so far this year. Of course its only been a few days, but i'm hopeful.

Servant team dos mil ocho is fabulous. Lima feels way more accessible. The church I'm attending is overflowing with grace,  & love, & openness & truth & quirkiness. The young boys are growing up.  Younger boys are appearing. more babies are being born.  more suffering but also more joy, more trust, more hope & even more love.

I make no promises except for this:  love overflows in my heart for you and God is good.

Happy peace filled fall (read "spring" for those of you up north)! Abrazos.