Just Your Typical Community Night

Amazing things heard at a WMF Peru community night:

1. A little background: Isa is a very curious and intelligent 8 year old. She asks tons of questions and we almost always oblige. She also spends a lot of time around adults.  this particular Sunday evening we were having a rousing conversation about the androgyny of God. Surprisingly, Isa asks no questions but a little bit later says:

"There are girls, and there are boys—how come there are no birls?"

2. Isa sets up a hair salon in the living room and is one by one escorting all of the women present into the stylists chair. She asks me to take my turn but I'm on my way out to the store, I promise her that I will take my turn as soon as I return. Reportedly—while I was at the store—Isa declares:

"When aunt Monica gets back I'll have to style her hair. Its gonna be a total nightmare!"

3.  Sarah, totally serious:

"I can't wait to start my rap career. I already know what my name will be: Rap Kaat Sarah.  but not like 'cat'.  k-a-a-t. I'm actually already working on my first rap."

4. While playing catchphrase:

Brian (giving clues):  the LOGOS of God!
Us (guessing):  Jesus, the Word, Scripture
Brian:  uhhh...
Us:  Holy Scripture, the Word, JESUS
Brian:  okay, yah, so what's Jesus' last name?!?!
Us:  Christ?!?
Brian:  YES!