Some Great Places to Visit

hey friends & fam --

Greetings from sunny, sweaty and water balloon filled Lima. I hope you are well, wherever you find yourselves. We've had an incredible first month of 2009.  Vision-casting, re-focusing, dreaming big, re-focusing again and just being together. It has definitely required a lot from us physically, mentally & emotionally, but it has been incredibly enlightening & encouraging as well. We're freshly back from staff retreat and starting to really hammer out our outlines for the programs this year. Just stopped by the blogosphere to direct you to some more interesting world wide web destinations—love to the people & enjoy!:

1.  WMF Peru Ministry Center Catalog

This is the product of Brian & my dreams, sweat & tears :). We put together this catalog so you could have a better idea of the needs we have to get the new Ministry Center up and running. Check it out, get involved, tell all your friends :)...

go HERE for the catalog

2.  For pictures of our workday on the aforementioned Ministry Center go HERE.

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