Accion gringo! Dale gringo!

If you speak spanish, you might think these videos are hilarious.

Whatever language you speak, check out these two short clips of Brian helping out with the demolition of the back part of the new WMF Peru Ministry Center.

We've been praying, hoping & begging for our demolition license for what feels like months and finally last week we had that precious piece of paper in our hands.  finally our amazing crew was able to get to the incredibly hard work of demolishing & hauling out the back part of the building deemed unusable by the municipality. Once this is done we're looking forward to:

planting a garden!
painting and putting finishing touches on the first floor!
getting our operating license!
the dust settling!

As we had our prayer & worship meeting, I couldn't help but smile as the ground shook a little and we could hear the steady pounding in between songs. Absolutely music to my ears...