The Best Compliment Ever

Today Erick & I went to visit a friend who used to live on the streets. He welcomed us into his home and in the course of conversation he gave me my the best compliment ever (warning: this is borderline humblebrag proceed with caution) :

"You know Monica, I've always liked your style, its part hippie part peaceful and it always makes me feel at ease."

Needless to say, that made me pretty happy.

But, more importantly, he's doing well and the visit was such a joyful experience. He read us some of his writings and shared some of his dreams with us and it was such a hopeful time. I'm so proud of him and all the other youth who are pressing on in their lives away from the streets.

Thanks to everyone who made my trip to Egypt and the states so sweet & special. I'm glad to be back in Lima but I miss you all already.  *sigh* :).

love & peace to the people...