Getting Back on the Creative Train

I recently became a participant in the collaborative artistic community/production company and it has been an inspiration beyond what i could have ever imagined. It has literally gotten me back on the creative train! —check it out.

An example of the magic: I submitted a collage of bus tickets that i made last year and then pprescott used it as a background for this fab poster she cooked up with a photo of hers...


Cool, right?!

For some reason this collaborative community has given me the courage to try many of things i've always wanted to delve into. I think it helps that we met at just the right time in my life AND that its 2010 no regrets, but whatever the case, I am loving it. I've done voiceovers, videos, written tiny stories, recorded background vocals and contributed paintings and collages. Now, I want to learn how to be a better REmixer. Even outside of the site I am feeling more inspired to observe and create and engage the world around me. 

So I think I'm just going to roll with it :). 

And that is your random update on this fine tuesday afternoon. 

peace & so much love!