Love Is All Around Us...

I generally agree that this is a hallmark holiday generated to pick our pockets etc. etc. BUT this year I thought, you know, let's STICK it to 'em by *actually* making it an all out celebration of love and friendship and life.  So that's what I'm doing.  Won't you join me?

Seeing the Beauty and Goodness in Front of Us by Henri Nouwen

"We don't have to go far to find the treasure we are seeking. There is beauty and goodness right where we are. And only when we can see the beauty and goodness that are close by can we recognize beauty and goodness on our travels far and wide. There are trees and flowers to enjoy, paintings and sculptures to admire; most of all there are people who smile, play, and show kindness and gentleness. They are all around us, to be recognized as free gifts to receive in gratitude.

Our temptation is to collect all the beauty and goodness surrounding us as helpful information we can use for our projects. But then we cannot enjoy it, and we soon find that we need a vacation to restore ourselves. Let's try to see the beauty and goodness in front of us before we go elsewhere to look for it."


Also, I say "heck yes!" to this <—sentiment. Thanks filmpunk marke:

May your day be filled with joy and love and grace and connection—you deserve it!

with love, mng